Nicola Perfetti is an italian guitarist and composer.

In 2019 he publishes New York portrait, improvised music performance for guitar and electronics on the projection of the homonymous film by Peter Hutton. The disc comes out for the label Setola di Maiale with the production of Stefano Giust, and with digital distribution by Megattera. In 2018, the collaboration began with Teresa Cinque, the artistic name of the visual artist and author Elisa Giannini. Together they bring on stage Errori di base, a music-based reading that has ironic reflections on the female condition as its theme. In 2017 he created the Megattera label, for which he released “North”, the first studio album of the oof3 trio with the pianist Federico Gerini and the drummer Massimiliano Furia. The disc contains ten new unreleased tracks composed by Nicola Perfetti, ranging from contemporary jazz, ambient and cinematic music. In 2014, together with pianist Federico Gerini, he signed the album “La forma dei ricordi” published by Dodicilune and distributed by IRD, with Max Rollf on the double bass, Stefano Guazzo on saxes, Massimiliano Furia on drums. In 2013 “The River Project” was released, produced by Maurizio Bozzi for Drycastle Records. Recorded with Luca Fruzzetti on bass and Antonio Bodini on drums, the disc was created as the soundtrack of “Gocce”, a musical-theatrical piece dedicated to water which is subsequently staged in various Italian theaters and locations. All the albums were received positively by critics, receiving various radio broadcasts and numerous positive reviews in the press (Jazzit stamp for “La forma dei Ricordi”) and on the web.

He worked for Radio Populare station as conductor of the show “Guyute – la porta della notte” and has collaborated as editor with various independent webzine of alternative music (Mescalina, Son Of Marketing, Beatbear ..). He later participated as an effective member in the activities of the Fonterossa Open Orchestra, conducted by some of the most important Italian jazz musicians in the field of free improvisation and conduction.